Guided Sea Kayak Tours
Gwaii Haanas National Park

Butterfly Tours offers several different types of expertly guided sea kayak trips on Haida Gwaii.

Many of our tours are suitable for relatively inexperienced paddlers.
We also offer more challenging multi-day wilderness expeditions specifically suited to kayakers who have accumulated some experience and developed reasonable boat-handling skills.

Haida Gwaii

We explore the most distant regions of Haida Gwaii, an area that highlights the best of Gwaii Haanas National Park.  The southern tip of Gwaii Haanas consists of secluded island clusters, isolated beaches, jutting headlands and sheltered inlets.  Sea lions, whales and puffins thrive in this rich and diverse marine environment.  Discover the wilderness spirit of these remote, misty isles.

Seaward Tyee

Each person is equipped with a Seaward Tyee fibreglass single kayak.  Experience the freedom, challenges and rewards of paddling your own craft.

Certified Kayak Guide Courses
Haida Gwaii and the Sunshine Coast

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